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The Newest Rage in the Kitchen – Charles Viancin Silicone Kitchenware

May 14, 2013

Charles Viancin (2)We recently  read about a new ktichen product in a gift retailers magazine called Charles Viancin silicone kitchenware.  Other retailers were quoted as saying, “It’s flying off the shelves! We can’t keep it in stock”.  Well, this peaked our interest as a possible addition to our Marketplace Shoppe, so we contacted the local representative of the line and had her bring in samples.  The concept seemed simple enough.  No more saran wrap or aluminum foil!  We must say, the product line is cute!  Each piece of kitchenware is designed to reflect nature.  Products include: the hibiscus lid, rose bud finger grip, banana leaf lid, sunflower and lily pad lid, and more.

Each piece creates an air-tight seal while fitting on any smooth rim bowl, pot, pan, cup, or casserole dish including glass, ceramic, wood, and more.  You can actually place a lid cover on a glass or bowl and lift it up by the lid!  We wouldn’t recommend carrying your dish this way, but it definitely proves its effectiveness in creating an air-tight seal.  All products are also microwave and oven safe for baking, reheating, or steaming.  Then throw them in the dishwasher for easy clean up or cover your left-overs in the refrigerator without fear of spillage.  These nature inspired cookware essentials make an attractive display great for entertaining. Some of our favorites include the banana leaf casserole cover, the floral wine bottle stoppers,  the hibiscus lid available in several different sizes for a variety of  bowls, pots, or pans, and the adorable sunflower lid for keeping cups of coffee warm or to keep the bugs out of your beverage when eating outdoors.

Charles Viancin (3)Since we have displayed this creative cookware line, it has been “flying off the shelves”, but don’t worry, we have more on order!  It’s a perfect gift for your favorite cook or as an addition to your own kitchen.  Oh, and keep an eye out, because we have already ordered fall products too, pumpkins and leaves to name a few.  Stop in to see Charles Viancin silicone kitchenware for yourselves.  If you have used it, please reply and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you.