Trust Rhoads as your Hershey, Hummelstown or Harrisburg PA area pharmacy with all of your prescription needs. Our board-certified pharmacists have an extensive amount of experience. Our team has established many long-term relationships knowing each and every one of our customers and their needs. The pharmacy uses state of the art robotic automation during the filling process giving our staff more time to spend with you.

We make it easy. If you need to order a refill:

  • Call our pharmacy staff
  • Call in and use the automated refill line
  • Call and leave a voice message
  • Fax in your prescription information
  • E-mail us via ScriptClick
  • Have your doctor email us using SureScripts
    (your doctor can use all of the above to order a refill for you)
  • Use our new Pocket Rx mobile app

All prescriptions are:

  • Double checked for accuracy
  • Checked for interactions with other medication
  • Checked for allergy interactions
  • Packaged with a patient information leaflet

We know that each and every situation is unique. Because of this, we offer special conveniences such as the Diabetes Specialty Shoppe and private counseling with our pharmacists. Accuracy, care, and personal service – it’s important to you and it’s important to us!

Our job is to make your pharmacy experience trouble-free:

  • 2 of our 3 staff pharmacists are always available to serve you
  • You can request prescriptions online with ScriptClick
  • Rather stop in? Most prescriptions are filled within fifteen minutes
  • 24-hour answering service available to serve you
  • Large inventory — what you need, when you need it
  • We’ll even call your doctor for prescription refills